Saturn Radio EP

by Neptune Alpha Base Massive



Further Out Recordings presents the new wave of jazz from the outer planets led by Jazzy "Martian Moog" Joe.

The Massive have been kickin up jazz dust around Alpha Base for the last couple of years. Trade ships have been sneaking bootleg spheres to Earth and came to our attention with their, what we can only describe as, downbeat future-jazz exotica!

If you carefully tune your radio dial somewhere between the World Service and Radio London, on a clear night you might be able to catch an echo of the broadcasts from Saturn Radio and our humanoid cousins living further out.

ARE THE STARS (Larissas Theme) featuring Daphne Roubini The Massive found Daphne singing in a smoky little health club, The Pleasure Unit, on Neptunes habitable moon, Larissa. She caresses the ear with hints of Billie Holliday and Peggy Lee on this haunting future standard.

SONG OF THE INFRA TERRESTRIALS The Massives dj, DJ Saturn, who provides the breaks, beeps and loops, likes to record the voices of the new friends they make when playing in the different bases, cities, colonies and planets. This sonic montage pays respect to them.

XOTHEMBO feat. The Saturn Astra Singers Xothembo is a giant, bad-tempered humanoid, that orbits Alpha Bases gaseous outer layers, shouting abuse at all who wander into his shadow.

SATURN RADIO Spiritual space-jazz with one of those big, warm double bass riffs that make life worth living. Harp, strings and organ help to take you there.

STARGAZERS THEME In Neptunian society dreamers are supported by the state in order to promote inner reflection for the greater good of all. Stargazer is an old friend of the band, and can be seen sitting quietly on his own at all Massive events.

ARE THE STARS INSTRUMENTAL a very nice, phat jazztronic re-orientation with just a hint of Daphnes vox.

Really far out! Sun Ras back!! Great.
PAUL MURPHY Afro Art Records
Very Nice EP
KAHUUN Hi Fi Terapi, Norway
7) Neptune Alpha Base Massive - Saturn Radio


released April 23, 2013



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